can you be my nightingale, sing to me I know you're there, you could be my sanity, bring me peace, sing me to sleep, say you'll be my nightingale
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Taylor Swift in NYC, April 9th

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We’re doing it the Tommo way.

How do you spell Adventure?

i don’t know how to do a read more link on mobile so i’m sorry but i just need to get this out of my system okay like i’m friends with a girl that i met on twitter last year and she lives in mississippi so obviously we can’t talk except texting or twitter or facetiming and literally every time she asks me to facetime i can’t because i’m busy and she never understands that when i say i’m busy that like i want to facetime her i just can’t and i even tell her that and she just gets so upset and i just want to scream in her face that she’s my best friend and i love her but i’m just busy and i literally just cannot facetime her okay sorry bye